Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict: A Delicious Way To Start Your Day

Ilike to think that I’m an unbiased lover of all breakfast foods.
Depending on the day and what I’m craving, I could go for anything from a simple bowl of cold cereal to an elaborate confection like this Piña Colada French toast.
Still, if I’m being really honest with myself, there’s one breakfast food I come back to again and again. For me, eggs Benedict is the ultimate recipe for enjoying at peak breakfast time: Sunday morning, with a hot cup of coffee and the funnies.
Best of all, it’s essentially impossible to get sick of eggs Benedict because there are a million variations on the theme, from a New York version with lox and capers, to a California-oriented interpretation heavy on the avocados.
At the moment, we’re obsessed with a pulled pork version that fulfills our every comfort food fantasy!
Print out the recipe below to bring this scrumptious meal to life!
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