Mom’s Healthy Food Creations Are Amazingly Realistic

This awesome story comes to us from our friends
This Melbourne mom is giving a new definition to playing with food. In an effort to get her 3 year old to eat smart, Laleh Mohmedi took to her own imagination.
Her incredible plates feature all types of images, from Uncle Sam, to Michael Jackson, to the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.
The results are magical. Combining items like pita, blueberries, celery and corn, Laleh brings her food to life. Her detailed illustrations are posted on her popular Instagram, where hopefully she can inspire other parents to get creative with healthy eating.
Laleh’s healthy lifestyle was always something she prided herself on. She explained to ABC News, “I have always been a strong advocate in healthy organic eating for children.”
One day, despite her lack of artistic background, she turned her toddler’s pancakes into a lion. He loved it, and her creations grew. “Jacob tells me which character he would like for me to make, be it from a book, a movie or something that has caught his eye that day,” she continued to ABC News.
Check out some of Laleh’s masterpieces below and follow her Instagram for tons of creative healthy snack ideas!