Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes: A Sweet And Savory Side!

At big family dinners, I always look forward to sitting down with my loved ones and tucking into an awesome meal, chock-full of comfort food dishes that get pulled out for special occasions.
Of course, some of those dishes are downright delicious forany occasion, so we love finding new and interesting ways to incorporate them into an ordinary school night dinner or a weekend snack.
As we saw with these cheesy skillet meatballs, it’s pretty simple to turn a big family favorite into a simple speedy meal — all you need is a little creativity. And, of course, all of the foodies here at LittleThings are happy to lend a hand!
The latest “special” recipe getting an everyday makeover is a Southern favorite: sweet potatoes with marshmallows! But with our version, single sweet potatoes are baked and served up with that signature caramelized topping, and a tasty twist.
Print out the recipe below to make this scrumptious side for your family!
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