Piña Colada French Toast: A Taste Of Summer Every Morning!

When it comes to my ideal breakfast, I’ve always preferred savory to sweet.
That said, I love finding a new recipe that helps me break out of my typical breakfast holding pattern and discover a new favorite morning meal.
For example, bacon and eggs may be my default, but these cinnamon roll pancakes revolutionized how I cook for my weekend brunches.
Now, my latest breakfast obsession is a similarly sweet and decadent meal: Piña Colada French Toast!
This scrumptious spread is packed with tropical flavor, which makes it the best possible breakfast for a summer morning. Naturally, it will also be my go-to for chillier months when I’m craving a taste of summer again.
Super-simple to make, it’s essentially just stuffed French toast, but with the welcome addition of plenty of pineapple and coconut to add a deliciously sunshiny kick to a traditional breakfast.
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