Cheesy Canadian Bacon Cups Are A Big Hit For Brunch

There’s nothing like a classic late breakfast consisting of bacon, egg, and cheese on a leisurely weekend morning. Or early afternoon, if that’s how you roll!
The possibilities for combining these ingredients are endless, and so are all the things you can add in for extra flavor. And out of all those possibilities? They’re all delicious!
We’ve shown you how to make delicious bacon and egg muffins right in your muffin tin before, but this recipe is even easier, and perfect if you’re looking for something with less carbs, too. It also uses Canadian bacon as atasty alternative to classic bacon.
And while these cheesy, eggy cups of goodness look fancy and complicated, they’re actually quite simple and only require five ingredients — unless, of course, you want to get advanced and add in some extra flavor!
That’s the other good thing about this recipe: It’s versatile. You can make these plain and simple, or you can go to town by adding extra cheese, vegetables, or anything you like, really. There are so many great options!
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