Egg Jelly Jewels Are A Stunning And Healthy Dessert

When hosting a top-notch dinner, each course serves its own function — appetizers entice, main courses satiate, and dessert should absolutely wow.
Instructables maker CeeeJ recently shared these aromatic sweet treats made in an empty eggshell that definitely possess an enormous “wow factor.” Though these jelly jeweled eggs may seem complicated to make at first glance, they are actually very simple.
And to top it all off, these desserts harbor a hidden truth: they are surprisingly healthy! Not only are these cute sweets aesthetically beautiful, they are also packed with vitamins and minerals, making them both delicious and nutritious.
Preparing desserts is always a fantastic opportunity to unleash your creativity and really experiment with out-of-the-box recipes like this.
Scroll through below for an inside look at these delicious egg jellies, sure to delight all of your future dinner party guests. But be careful, your friends and family might just find them too beautiful to eat!
party guests. But be careful, your friends and family might just find them too beautiful to eat!
This egg is about to serve a very exciting and delicious purpose.
Instructables maker CeeeJ recently shared her deliciously easy home recipe for what she calls “Egg Jelly Jewels.”
draining egg
What are egg jelly jewels? Essentially, they are artisanally flavored Jell-O-style sweet treats made with gelatin, dried fruits, and edible flowers.
The cooking process starts by lightly carving holes into the tops of eggshells, and then draining out the raw eggs inside.
cleaning egg shell
The eggshells then become molds for these cute little jelly eggs.
It’s important to rinse these shells thoroughly, preventing any raw egg from interfering with the Jell-O mold mixture
egg shells
Once cleaned, the egg shells need to dry completely, protecting your desserts from any lingering moisture.
rose buds
Next comes the fun part, the filling! This Instructables user chose to fill her egg jelly jewels with dried strawberries, apples, and rosebuds.
jelly jewel liquid
She soaked her dry ingredients in boiling water, letting the fruits rehydrate and the flowers steep.
This step is where you can get creative, though. These egg jelly jewels can take on any flavor combination you so choose. Lavender blueberry or cinnamon apple, for example, are two delectable flavor options you could try.
And whichever fruit and floral mixture you choose will likely be high in vitamin C and antioxidants.
As her fruit and flower concoction steeped, she began soaking her gelatin in cold water.
If you are vegetarian, though, and typically avoid using gelatin in recipes, there’s no need to fret. Try substituting agar in its place during this recipe step.
blooming gelatin in water
Once soaked, the gelatin will soften. Simply squeeze out any excess liquid, and add the gelatin into a pot with sugar water and the steeped rosebud and dried-fruit mixture. Just don’t use too much sugar if you want to keep things healthy!
filling eggs with jelly mixture
After you’ve combined all of the ingredients, it’s time to fill your eggshell molds.
Letting the jellies set inside these eggshells is also part of what makes these desserts healthy. The Jell-O-style mixture soaks in protein and minerals from the shell.
eating jelly eggs
After at least two hours in the fridge, your eggs should be ready to serve.
Leaving these beautifully sweet treats in their shells can be a fun way to surprises guests!

These egg jelly jewels are quite beautiful when they catch the light.
jelly egg jewels
These little beauties look lovely peeled and artfully placed on a platter. The translucence showcases all of the lovely fruits and rosebuds set inside.
.These little egg jelly jewels look beautiful, taste sweet, and offer surprisingly healthy benefits! All those qualities in mind, these tasty treats certainly sound like desserts worth the extra effort.
What do you think of these egg jelly jewels? If you made these, which flavors would you try? Let us know in the comments.
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