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Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce a brand new site to make money by watching videos as well as a number of analysts and their subjective comments about this newsite:

General Review:
Name: THWGlobal aka "Ten Hours Weekly Global"
Referral Website:
xxx is the name of the referral. For example, your ref link: (people post links coz stay under arrest registered site through referrals. If you can not trust the non-registered test offline ref link: ))
Form: Free to join - make money by watching videos
Owners: Unknown
Rated: no ratings for the new site
On the product:

THWGlobal - a new newsite want to compete with Youtube reverse form with Youtube. If at Youtube they pay you to view it in THWGlobal every turn, you get paid to watch their videos. The main purpose of a site THWGlobal is becoming the world's largest advertising rather than surpass Youtube. Site has been recognized as "the fastest Growing global opportunity for 2016"

Really is active in the United States and European countries, the Americas, Asia is eager to participate. Particularly Vietnam is still relatively new. And those who know it in the moment is extremely lucky. Since THWGLOBAL only allows us to register through referrer THWGLOBAL

Registered themselves under the recommendation of his mother's friend, easy and free to register and do not require bank information. As new sites are testing and not officially running, so I will also update when there is new information, but I encourage you to sign up for and not lose anything. All his supporters may be registered under the link:

THWGlobal claims:

- Income promises up to 25 $ / 1h - this is the rate applicable to each country, taking the average minimum wage for that country, and double it. In the United States will reach $ 25 / 1h, in Philipipines can be up to $ 10 / 1h
- Length ad see at most 10 hours / 1 week
- Receive $ 5 for every $ 25 you earn whom ref but most DC only $ 40 / week corresponds to at most $ 250/1 week's ref you earn
- Register for free, easily, no bank account required.

Conditions of Participation:
- On 18t
- Is your computer or smart phone
- Graduated from high school (currently there is no way to verify this should register themselves comfortably)

Referral Program (Referral Program)
- Direct referrals
- 10 levels of referrals with the mold 5, 10, 25, 50 ref

- Income up to $ 25 / 1h (for America)
- Income from ref can be up to $ 5 / 1h (applicable to USA)
- Register free, on 18t anyone can join
- There's no limit to the ref, ref stable system although the new company, if you want your participants can ref: