Old Wine Barrel Becomes Pair Of Beautiful Coffee Tables

After years spent curating a robust and praise-worthy whiskey collection, one DIY-er desperately searched for the perfect way to both protect and display his beloved bottles.
As Imgur DIY-er kossu surfed Craigslist, hoping for some storage inspiration, it wasn’t long before he found it: a few oldwine barrels for sale.
These wine barrels certainly looked worn and tired. However, handy upcycler that he was, this DIY-er knew that bringing these beauties back to life wouldn’t be all that challenging.
After completely disassembling the barrels, and giving each piece of wood a thorough clean, he rebuilt each half of the barrel separately, creating two distinct coffee tables.
Waxed and topped with gorgeous panes of glass, these upcycled coffee tables became perfect living room statement pieces.
Even better, underneath their glass and nestled in beds of straw, this DIY-er positioned his prized whiskey — perfectly displayed to spawn glory and praise.
Keep scrolling to learn how this DIY-er upcycled forgotten wine barrels into gorgeous coffee tables that are sure to wow every future dinner party guest.
old wine barrel
When Imgur DIY-er kossu needed a place to store his prized whiskey collection, a simple shelf would not do.
He wanted an out-of-the-box storage solution, so he immediately took to Craigslist hungry for options.
After a quick search, he found the most beautifully weathered wine barrels, ripe for upcycling into coffee tables that could artfully display his whiskey collection.
wine barrel wood
His first task was to completely disassemble the wine barrels.
These wine barrels had likely been housed outside for quite some time, left to decay amidst the elements.
By separating each piece, he’d be able to impart a thorough cleaning.
clean wine barrel wood
While he wanted to make sure he removed all the dirt from each piece of wood, he also wanted these planks to retain some of their rough character.
placing wine barrel wood
Once he thoroughly cleaned and sanded every plank, this DIY-er was ready to reassemble his coffee tables
Reassembling the barrels proved to be more challenging than this DIY-er initially anticipated.
While these wine barrels had been indoors, their wood had dried out quite a bit, causing each plank to shrink.
Thus, this DIY-er was no longer able to simply retrace his steps for an easy reassembly.
He ended up having to glue each wooden plank to the next, piece by piece — two hours per plank.
halved wine barrel
He then sawed each of the barrel’s metal bands in half, adorning each halved wine barrel table with its authentic metal decoration.
wine barrel half
To enhance each barrel’s look and feel without totally discoloring the wooden planks in any way, this DIY-er opted not to stain his tables.
Instead, he merely coated each with wax and oil.
wine barrel top
The wax brought out such beautiful detailing in this barrel’s oak top.
legs for coffee table
To stabilize each table, this DIY-er crafted legs on which each barrel could rest.
wine barrel coffee table
Legs in place, and leveled just right, this table was ready to store some collector-grade whiskey!
whiskey collection in coffee table
He lined each table with a bed of straw, and moved his whiskey bottles into their new home.
wine barrel coffee table
This DIY-er even custom-designed glass perfectly shaped to fit this table’s base.
Once the CNC machine cut each pane to his exact measurements, the tables were complete!
This DIY-er transformed this old, used wine barrel into one-of-a-kind coffee tables, perfectly suited to his needs.
What do you think of these old wine barrel coffee tables? Have you ever upcycled old wine barrels? Tell us about your project in the comments below.
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